Monday, December 26, 2011


You can watch a match as long as you want but you can’t write about it for that long. Can you? Sports dissertations writing can be an uneasy task in the sense that you would realize how hard it is to write about something you know too well or you are too interested in.

Sports dissertations is a task you have to accomplish for your degree in sports sciences or whatever field you are studying related to sports. This can be made easy if you consider the following tips.

•Choose a topic of public interest.
•Consult your advisor on topic selection.
•Write about something which is in the news these recently and you can get the attention of your readers.
•Try not to be biased if comparing two factors.
•Choose suitable formats of research for your sports dissertations.

Follow these guidelines and you can better decide what you are writing about and how you are writing.

Friday, December 16, 2011


Having trouble facing the board in your dissertation defense presentation? No problem. It happens to most of the students but there are simple keys to avoid those nervous moments. Now you can face the board with confidence you never experienced before.

The following guidelines will help you make your dissertation defense presentation: a job well done.

Divide your dissertation defense presentation into two parts


It’s not like other dissertation presentations so it needs some groundwork. Go to the university and get used to all the instruments you have to use on the big day. Make sure everything is the way you want it to be. Try to dig about the board members. Rehearse your presentation in front a mirror or ask your friends to cross examine you.


During your dissertation defense presentation have faith in your knowledge. Keep thinking that your information is correct. Display your confidence by keeping an eye contact throughout. The judges understand your position because they went through the same process. So take it easy.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


When you are writing a change management dissertation don’t forget that change management is a process in which individuals, teams and organizations are substituted in an organized way.

The following change management dissertations topics can help you devise a good change management dissertation

What are the reasons for a need to change? What is the problem which can’t be solved with changes? How to avoid a catastrophe in change management? What should be done before the changes are made? Who are the employees involved?

Divide your change management dissertation into the following two parts


This part of your change management dissertation should talk about the operation, talent, sustainability of the individuals/teams. Also talk about talk about the changes pertinent to augmentation of pay scales. The command of employees on their work and their activity as team members should also be discussed.


In this part of your change management dissertation insist on the point that it’s a complicated process and needs brave decisions from the leaders.

The focus of organizational change should be on the suitability, energy and drive in the available human resources. Talk about bringing changes by inspirational training. Make sure that you highlight the point that the changes should not be superficial but deep rooted.

Monday, June 7, 2010


Dissertation on Politics can be the most controversial of all dissertations as passions run high and there is vast amount of partiality towards ones favorite political party.

In certain cases students getting 0% in their politics dissertation for the reason that being biased or a little in favor of one political affiliation or another.

Here the point comes up how to include “neutrality” to your politics dissertation exclusively loosing your theme or central idea.

Initially you have got to realize that you are writing about political science. Political science is the study of public policies, government policies and political systems and behavior.

Four key questions before start writing a politics dissertation

QUESTION # 1: How can I remain neutral in my

Politics science dissertation

Performance is the technique in which some one or something functions for example The Lord said the performance of the police department has left a lot to be desired or the performance of this sports car is very good.

QUESTION # 2: How do I structure a neutral questionnaire for my politics dissertation?
You possibly neutral but it is very likely your respondents are not. To control this problem create a questionnaire that is additional problem focus and solution oriented. Don’t point out any political affiliation or a party. This will guide to biased results.

QUESTION # 3: What if my literature review and research work slanders one political affiliation? How will I structure my

For all time try to keep a neutral tone. But if your reference has some hard remarks about one political affiliation make clear why those remarks there are in the first place. Analyze and build up your own mind.

QUESTION # 4: Can I openly disagree with any policy in my politics dissertation conclusion and recommendations?

Yes, you can openly disagree with any point as long as you have related data to back up your claim. Your findings should support your politics dissertation ideas and be phrased properly into your conclusion and recommendations.

Final thought

Political dissertation is the study of the behavior of the political system. Analyze the population’s brainpower set. What do they think? Analyze the country’s social and economic scenario. Is there political conflict of economy related problems? All are central points to consider when writing politics dissertations.

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Project Management Dissertation

As a university professor that I am sure to help you with a world class Project management dissertation of your own!!

Project management is a systematic approach for preparation and lead to project development from begin to end. Inside this article I will give you some instructions on how to make your project management dissertation along with a few topics that are bound to impress your dissertation consultant. Take it from a professor who has seen it all. These project management dissertation tips will assist you a long way with your dissertation and your career!

These topics will guide you to write Management Dissertation.

1. Great project management: how excellent it is in managing project stakeholders
2. How to planning a management dissertation project
3. Is project management software counter helpful
4. The kitchen sink syndrome.
5. The role or re-engineering in project management
After you chose your topic for your project management begin by doing a bit of research on your topic.

Internet is more facilitate to give you authentic information where you can possibly imagine. Use it to your advantage.

Discuss with your professors and dissertation advisor. That’s their job for you to ask them. Try to get every bit of information from them.

Read related articles according to your topic. Also go through previous dissertations similar to yours.

Compile your research work in the proper order of dissertation chapters. Take your project management dissertation topics one section at a time. Don’t leave a chapter in the central point and jump to another.


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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Basic Steps To Write A Good Research Paper

1. Choose a topic that interests you in some way.

2. Note down key words to help you to search information about the topic.

3. Visit to an encyclopedia, or other reference sources, to get an overview about the topic.

4. Make source cards for whatever sources you will use for information.

5. Using the general overview, begin to focus the topic into something you can cover well.

6. Write a statement of purpose about the focused topic.

7. Brainstorm questions about the focused topic.

8. Group questions under similar headings.

9. Add any new questions you can think of under those headings.

10. Repeat step 2, and note more key words from your newly focused topic and questions.

11. Make a list of possible sources that can answer your questions. Identify the best sources to use.

12. Find the sources in the library, on the computer, etc. Make a source card for each one you use.

13. Begin making note cards. Use your brain stormed questions to guide your note taking.

14. Change your statement of purpose into a draft thesis statement.

15. Make an outline of your headings. If you are ready to print your outline, try the Want to try this? It will help you create your outline and print it. Outline Maker

16. Refocus your thesis statement if necessary.

17. Write the body of your paper from your notes.

18. Cite any necessary information with parenthetical citations.

19. Write your introduction and conclusion.

20. Write your Works Cited (it is similar to a bibliography).

21. Create a title page.

22. Evaluate your work.

23. Turn in your paper on time.

7 Must Skills To Be A Good Research Paper Writer:

Research paper writing can be an easy job if you start your work in a proper way and note down your steps in your notebook.

First you should be well aware that what is research paper, in easy words you can say that research paper is a little advance form your essay writing, so don’t be confused after getting your research paper assignment.

You should have the following skills to be a good research paper writer.
  • You should be aware about writing formats. (i.e. APA, MLA )
  • You must have the ability to select a topic and get approve from your teacher.
  • Your research and understanding skills should be good.
  • You must have the ability to research on internet.
  • You must have the ability to collect data from different sources and summarize accordingly.
  • Choose most relevant sources of data for your research paper.
  • You must have the skills to take interviews for your research if needed.